Let's make a deal, b*tch be for real: screening session with drinks

Th 07.09.
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'How can you experience any reality when you only know its stories?'

Ann Mbuti and Garrick Lauterbach invite you to drinks and a screening of short films and videos that blend the boundaries of documentary, contemporary art and fiction. The author and film director will show selected audiovisual works that deal speculatively with the idea of reality and put our relationship to media-mediated facts to the test.

• Arrival and welcome with a selection of films from the archive of Visions du Réel (International Film Festival Nyon)
• Prof. Dr. Margrit Tröhler, Professor of Film Studies at the University of Zurich (2003-2021), on the topic of 'What would have been if...? – Experimental Reenactment in Documentary Film'
• Angelicism – Film01, histoire(s) de l’internet (2023): an abstract documentary about the heart under extinction conditions; a film made of and on the internet. This prelude to Film01 will be followed by a screening of the 'Zurich Cut'” of the movie at a secret location on September 9th (to participate in the screening on the 9th, send your whatsapp number to @mondina.smh on Instagram for details)
• Drinks and discussion


Christopher Kulendran Thomas

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Löwenbräukunst Summer Party


Zürich’s Long Night of Museums

Th 07.09.

Let's make a deal, b*tch be for real: screening session with drinks

Su 10.09.

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