About us

Our principles

Kunsthalle Zürich exhibits internationally relevant contemporary art and ideas that relate to it. Each exhibition is an experiment. Thus the Kunsthalle continually reassesses art, its public and itself.  

All art emerges from a specific context. Exhibiting art entails generating a new site- and time-specific perspective. This is how Kunsthalle Zürich enters into dialogue with its public and the public with the Kunsthalle. Through this art can reveal its full potential, and Kunsthalle Zürich becomes a local meeting place with international significance.

The goals we set ourselves require sensitivity and care. We do all we can to treat our partners, colleagues and audiences with respect; we do not tolerate discrimination. A transparent, open and inclusive approach is fundamental to Kunsthalle Zürich.

Kunsthalle Zürich was founded in 1985 and today it is located in the Löwenbräukunst complex. The Kunsthalle organises six to ten exhibitions a year, it is non-commercial and has no collection. The Verein Kunsthalle Zürich (Kunsthalle Zürich Association) is its operating body; it is funded by members, patrons, sponsors and subventions. Kunsthalle Zürich is significantly supported by Stadt Zürich Kultur (City of Zürich Culture) and Kanton Zürich Fachstelle Kultur (Canton of Zürich Culture Department). 

Members and patrons

Established in 1985, Kunsthalle Zürich is under the trusteeship of Verein Kunsthalle Zürich. Your membership is crucial to our continuous engagement in promoting leading contemporary art.

You will find all the information about membership and patronage of Kunsthalle Zürich here.

The team

Daniel Baumann
Director / Curator
End of Daniel Baumann's tenure

Monika Milakovic
Head of administration / Assistant director
Otto Bonnen
Louise Bürmann
Administration / Membership and patrons
Seline Fülscher
Head of art education
Julia Mangisch
Coordination visitor services
Attila Panczel
Technical director
Aoife Rosenmeyer
Communication / Press 
Michael Zimmermann

Jacqueline Granwehr
Art education
Julian Kopetschny
Art education
Andrina Roth
Art education


Michael Ringier (President)
Mirjam Staub-Bisang (Treasurer)
Gerd Schepers
Barbara Basting (Representative of the City of Zürich)
Chantal Blatzheim
Anette Bollag-Rothschild
Jürg Haller
Maja Hoffmann
Florian Rajki
Mark A. Reutter
Barbara Weber


We develop tailor-made partnership models with our sponsors and supporters. You can, as required, enjoy all the benefits of membership or patronage and you can link your project to various events and other possibilities. Contact us at +41 44 272 15 15 or for further information. 

Kunsthalle Zürich receive subsidies from:

Stadt Zürich Kultur
Kanton Zürich, Fachstelle Kultur

Kunsthalle Zürich receives generous support from:

•  Mirjam Staub-Bisang und Martin Bisang
•  Evelyn Lingg
•  Luma Stiftung
•  Ringier AG
•  Gerd Schepers
•  Julius Bär Stiftung 
•  Stiftung Mercator Schweiz 
•  Georg und Bertha Schwyzer-Winiker-Stiftung
•  Max Kohler Stiftung

Sponsor*innen der vorherigen Jahre

The Kunsthalle Zürich reserves the right not to return unsolicited correspondence.