Open House Löwenbräukunst

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10 am–6 pm: Community table at LOI Bistro, ground floor

10 am-12 noon: Easter egg painting with Kunsthalle Zürich Studio, schwarzescafé, Luma Westbau, level 1

11 am–6 pm: Exhibition tours, meeting point Foyer of Löwenbräukunst, ground floor, Limmatstrasse 270:

11 am: Exhibition tour in Russian with Polina
12 noon: Exhibition tour in Turkish with Bige
12 noon: Exhibition tour in English with Aoife
1 pm: Exhibition tour in Spanish with Karina
1 pm: Exhibition tour in German with Jeronim
2 pm: Exhibition tour in Arabic with Mayar
2 pm: Exhibition tour in German with Jordis
3 pm: Exhibition tour in Ukrainian with Olena
4 pm: Exhibition tour in Mandarin with Tsz Hei
5 pm: Exhibition tour in English with Aoife

12.30 a.m.: We me in the stairway, Wassili Widmer

1-3 pm: Workshop: Fermentation Stories.

An afternoon of knowledge sharing, collaborative practices and tasting, AIA Awareness in Art, level B

2–5 pm: Radio Löwenbräukunst, Löwenbräukunst loading bay

Conversation about art, in the form of music, lectures, dialogues, debates, and readings, spoken or sung, informative or performative. For Community Day 2023 at Löwenbräukunst, Joel Spiegelberg and are presenting a radio program that deals with current topics in and around the art institution. This second edition comes with a new and varied program.

2 pm: Introduction to the program
2.05–2.30 pm: Discussion with Tasnim Baghdadi, head of education and programs, Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst
2.30–3 pm: Sound on: Radio Löwenbräukunst featuring
3–4 pm: Art, camping, friendship: an exploration with San Keller
Moderator: Nadia Schneider Willen, curator of the collection, Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst
4–4.30 pm: Sound on: Radio Löwenbräukunst featuring
4.30–5 pm: Community talk with Malek Ossi, press spokesperson for the No Frontex referendum committee and activist at Alarmphone, who fled from Syria to Switzerland in 2015
5–6 pm: Live: Esther Eppstein, aka DJ Sistaesta

Children’s workshops:

11.30 am–12 noon: Children’s workshop, Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, ground floor

2–3.30 pm: Children’s workshop 1, Hauser & Wirth, ground floor

4–5.30 pm: Children’s workshop 2, Hauser & Wirth, ground floor

Panel discussions:

13.30–14.30 pm, «Performing Kyiv. How to measure peace?» is a Kyiv Art Week nomadic project organized in the framework of Zurich Art Weekend, schwarzescafé, Luma Westbau, level 1
The panel discussion to introduce Performing Kyiv, as well as posing the key question - what is the role of culture in the midst of war?
With Eugene Bereznitsky – Ukrainian curator, founder of Kyiv Art Week, co-curator of Performing Kyiv project
Dr. Daniel Stauffacher – a former Swiss Ambassador and Delegate of the Swiss Federal Council, founder and President of the ICT4Peace Foundation
Olena Iegorova – Ukrainian curator and art mediator, Public Program Lead for Zurich Art Weekend 2023, organiser and moderator of the discussion

4–5 pm: Inside/outside ? - Intersectionality of cultural spaces, schwarzescafé, Luma Westbau, level 1
In this conversation between actors from Zurich's art, culture and activism landscape, Yuvviki Dioh (Diversity Agent, Schauspielhaus Zürich), Muhammed Kaltuk (dance and performance artist) and Anna Rosenwasser (LGBTQI activist, political influencer) discuss questions around participation and co-creation of Swiss cultural spaces based on the concept of communities. The talk will be moderated by Tasnim Baghdadi (Head of Mediation and Programs, Migros Museum of Contemporary Art)