Art Walk West #8

  • Free

Art Walk West is a guided walk around different art spaces around Limmatstrasse which remain open until 8 pm. Entrance and the tour are both free.

Meeting point: 6 pm, AiA (Awareness in Art), Limmatstrasse 268, then on to Galerie Barbara Seiler, Limmatstrasse 270, and finally to Kunsthalle Zürich at the same address.

The tour will be led by Jacqueline Uhlmann, Head of Communications Löwenbräukunst.

Die Ausstellungen:
AIA (Awareness in Art): «A City Beyond: Rethinking Co-Habitation»
Barbara Seiler: Guillaume Pilet «Old is the New New»
Kunsthalle Zürich: Pippa Garner «Act Like You Know Me» & Ibrahim El-Salahi «Pain Relief Drawings»