Lorenza Longhi
Tradition sets, 2021

Silkscreen print on hand-crafted handkerchieves, plastic film, adhesive tape, acrylic glass removable frame, screws
59.4 x 42 x 3.5 cm
5 unique works

Lorenza Longhi has created the edition Tradition sets, 2021, a series of five unique pieces, on the occasion of her solo exhibition at Kunsthalle Zürich. «Herzlichen Glückwunsch» (Congratulations) is the warm greeting on the handkerchief, one for happy tears, the curlicued writing garlanded with a horseshoe and clover leaf. The other handkerchieves are embroidered with hobby icons, from tennis and golf, to casino games or horses and dogs. These hand-crafted handkerchieves are from the Canton of Appenzell; Longhi sourced them from the family-run Spitzenhaus De Giacomi in Zürich’s Niederdorf that sells traditional embroidery and textiles, before printing them with silver colour using a silkscreen process. In plastic covers they are applied to a typical acrylic reusable frame, the kind that might be used to display family or holiday snaps. Tradition sets thus pinpoints some of the elements of Longhi’s practice: humour, layering, silkscreen, display and much more.

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CHF 2'300


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