Schools workshops on Liz Larner

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Californian artist Liz Larner creates new meaning in sculpture. The exhibition below above takes us through the range of Larner's works, from spatial installations made from plastic waste, to asteroids made in ceramics, bacterial cultures in petri dishes or towering fabric constructions. The list does not end here. The styles could not be more different and yet the artworks are unified by a common approach to body and form.

Larner is interested in the transformation of material through form, form through material and the possible effects of these transformations. She is committed to experimentation and research, she knows and accepts the power of chance and constantly exposes herself to a wide variety of influences, approaches and considerations.

Liz Larner (*1960) lives and works in Los Angeles. The exhibition at the Kunsthalle Zürich shows a selection of works created between 1988 and 2022. In addition, the new sculptural installation Meerschaum, 2021/22, will be shown for the first time.

Schools workshops
We explore Liz Larner's sculptures through an age-appropriate dialogue. Our focus is on materials and we take a close look at them. Properties of materials will be investigated and compared. With the knowledge thus garnered, in a second stage we become artists ourselves and create a series of sculptures.

In the Studio, we will explore the topic of sculpture with our own hands. Together we will experiment with different forms and undertake our own sculptural experiments. By trying out different ways of making form we will create new approaches and connect them with Liz Larner's ideas.

By appointment between 11 June and 18 September 2022
Duration: 90 minutes. To book, email us with your desired timeframe, details of the school, class and class size.
Workshops are free of cost for all classes, whether in or beyond the Canton of Zürich.
For all public schools in the Canton of Zürich ZVV tickets for travel to and from the exhibition included. (In cooperation with Schule+Kultur, Volksschulamt Kanton Zürich.)