Schools workshops on Igshaan Adams


The title of the exhibition, Kicking Dust, refers to an ancient indigenous South African dance that Adams witnessed as a child. He describes the figures kicked up by the dust as moving clouds. Kicking dust can be understood as a symbol for art in general: an activity that fills the air with material.

Woven carpets as well as filigree sculptures fill the rooms of the Kunsthalle Zurich and are reminiscent of a garden or a park. Cords, glass beads, plastic, wood, silk, glass and fabrics are combined by Adams to create expansive installations. The networked way of thinking is literally visible in his works. Opposites are connected, experiences entangled and ideas linked.

Schools workshops:

Like Igshaan Adams, we try to bring together a wide variety of materials and combine elements in ways we have never done before; we take a chance! The colourful and broad range of materials in the studio of the Kunsthalle Zürich allow every child to express their individuality. Weaving can unite without dissolving differences. This experiment will result in a collective work that you can take back into the classroom.

It is possible for schools to order ZVV transport tickets to and from Kunsthalle Zürich in collaboration with Schule+Kultur, Volksschulamt, Bildungsdirektion Kanton Zürich.

Appointments by arrangement, duration: 90 min., registration (incl. desired date, workshop, school, class size) by e-mail.