Screening with Rosa Aiello


Rosa Aiello, A River In It (2015), 9:40min.
Temper (2016), 18min.
27 seasons (2017), 8min.

If you think of suspense (as a narrative device) as indeterminacy regarding the organizing principle, then might it operate in a similar way to what Katherine McKittrick calls the demonic? If architecture, the alphabet, seasons, syntax, gender and genre conventions cease to give sense, then do they pass into a kind of «nondeterministic schema»? Concerned with structures and principles governing the perception of spaces and of social relations within those spaces, Rosa Aiello’s video works perform a series of structural inversions, shifts, overlays, and repetitions, sometimes by means of computer generated imagery, sometimes by means of word games. In her videos, objects and spatial orientation are unstable parameters, which encourage a dependence on language’s and sound’s capacity to foster a multiplicity of association. What reveals itself in such an open-ended scheme is the arbitrariness of what is structurally given, as well as the processes of normalization that suggest such structures as natural or inevitable.

Rosa Aiello lives and works in Berlin and Hamilton, Ontario (CA).

Organised by Kathrin Bentele and Matthew Hanson.

From March to May 2019, Kathrin Bentele and Matthew Hanson organize a series of events involving screenings, readings, and talks. Check back soon for more info – please join us!

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