Lecture: Sam Porritt

British Television Comedy, 1991-2001


The 90’s was a golden age for British comedy, a decade of boundless invention and biting satire. As Thatcher’s Conservatism stumbled to a close and Tony Blair’s Third Way ascended, a new generation of writers and performers found their voice. That voice – pitch black, sardonic, almost unthinkable today – was abetted by willing enablers at the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. British born, Zurich based artist Sam Porritt charts a period from Spitting Image to The Office to look at the genre’s crowning achievements and the underlying reasons for its emergence.

Organised by Kathrin Bentele and Matthew Hanson.

From March to May 2019, Kathrin Bentele and Matthew Hanson organize a series of events involving screenings, readings, and talks. Check back soon for more info – please join us!

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