Bottom Feeders – The Battle of the Cataplasm, Episode 2

Hand puppet play

Sa 28.03.

Flavio Merlo and Ben Rosenthal are the recipients of the Kadist – Kunsthalle Zürich Production Award, offered for the third time to young Swiss artists by the Kadist Art Foundation and Kunsthalle Zürich. Merlo and Rosenthal utilized this grant to conceive and realize Bottom Feeders – The Battle of the Cataplasm, a puppet play staging a crime plot for ten puppets and three stages.

In the first episode some of the 16 puppets, three stages, and two actors (Annina Machaz, Garrett Nelson) figured as Paul, Ted, Cornelia van Bryton and the oracle to embark on their whimsical mission to reveal the alphabet letter who killed the rest of the idiots. This time everything will be different, as usual – except for the existential contradictions, communicative confusions and corporeal thresholds that the „bottom feeders“ (a residue-eating fish, or, more colloquially, a creep) have and will endure during their struggle with balmy wet packs also known as cataplasm.