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Excerpt from an Interior Anatomy Fantasy by Mirjam Jamuna Zweifel - Akademie - Kunsthalle Zürich

Excerpt from an Interior Anatomy Fantasy by Mirjam Jamuna Zweifel

The tongue becomes transparent, porous – small glowing particles become visible. These glowing bodies emit a moist heat.
The surface of the tongue is pleasantly rough and licks gently on the inside of the teeth.
The oral cavity with its transparent tongue expands into the whole body, it moves into the skull, from there into the spinal cord, and brings oxygen to the vertebrae. The tongue licks on the vertebrae. The vertebrae become soft and mobile, gliding and rocking like sleeping fish in stagnant water. Their fins, fine-linked muscle fibers, embrace free-floating blood cells.

Foto: Audrey Wagner

Mirjam Jamuna Zweifel is a Swiss artist, dancer, performer, creator and dance-activist. Her aim is to develop holistic forms, to experiment with philosophies of movement and research cross-disciplinary concepts and techniques.

Since August 2019, Mirjam Jamuna is part of the new company-collective «The Field», based in Zurich, Switzerland. The Field was founded by Marisa Godoy, Romain Guilon and Catja Loepfe. In addition, she is also developing her own practices and projects in the independent dance and performance scene. In June 2020 she started a 5-year project called «ZOOKUNFT - Urban Labor Futurism» with dancer Tatjana Mahlke (Berlin). ZOOKUNFT is an autonomous art research project based on urban dance forms. «Various artists and scientists from very different fields undertake research together into temporary structures and forms of organisation over periods of 7-10 days. This creates a room for creation, discussion, community building and exchange.Together we test practices and formats that generate self-propulsion, self-responsibility and co-creation. This work doesn't seek a result, but rather asks questions and proposes tools for action.»


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dshamuna/

Mirjam Jamuna Zweifel currently lives in Willadingen BE, Switzerland.