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Make your own exhibition! - Akademie - Kunsthalle Zürich

Make your own exhibition!

Exhibition opening 31 July 2020, 6 pm. Exhibition 31 July - 9 August 2020, 11am - 6pm daily, except Mondays.

Make your own Kunsthalle Zürich exhibition! Send us your proposal and we will exhibit it! Everyone is an artist! And a curator!

We’re inviting you to come up with an exhibition for the Kunsthalle Zürich. To do this, we’re providing you with all the details necessary for the third floor gallery (see below). This space has no dividing walls, it is nearly square, five metres tall and the four walls are ideal for hanging art, for text or for murals. You might use the room itself for sculptures, seating or installations – or not. Anyone and everyone can take part, whether child or adult, professional or amateur, grandmother or grandchild, artist or curator, snob or punk.

Photograph your exhibition and send us the pictures. All the proposals will then be shown at Kunsthalle Zürich as soon as we can reopen. We don’t know what you are going to send, so we don’t know what this exhibition is going to look like. It’s uncharted territory. We’re looking forward to your speeches at the opening!

Details: How does it work?

The plans, dimensions and the information necessary are below (which you can also download as a pdf). With this information you will be able to design your exhibition: as a drawing, a 3D model (which might have Lego visitors, perhaps), or digitally.

Here’s a simple way you could do it: ‘unfold’ each of the four walls and draw each wall on A4 pieces of paper (see the example for wall 3). Then you have all four walls on sheets of paper. Now you can place your works – or curate other works – on these walls. It might be all your own art, or a collage or cutout of other pieces. Drawn, painted, photographed, built or who knows what.

The example we’ve created is of the wall 3, which is 26 metres long. In this drawing, 1 metre = 2 cm. So the 26 metre long wall is 52 cm long on paper (and two sheets of A4 paper are needed). The room is 5 metres tall, which is 10 cm on paper. Of course you can do this on a larger scale, but you would need bigger paper.

Here is the list of all four walls, each 5 metres tall (and see the plan too):

Wall 1 (including the entrance) is 27.95 metres long

Wall 2 (including the window on the right) is 21.70 metres long

Wall 3 is 26 metres long

Wall 4 (including a window and emergency exit) is 21.70 metres long.

If using the precision dimensions is too complicated, you could also use a shoe box, which should have approximately the same dimensions as this space. You may want to look at previous exhibitions to see how the space is used: http://new.kunsthallezurich.ch/en/ausstellungen/


We’ll be delighted to get your proposals right now. Please send them, by 14 June 2020 to Kunsthalle Zürich. Either by post (Kunsthalle Zürich, Limmatstrasse 270, 8005, no liability accepted for items sent by post) or by email to fuelscher@kunsthallezurich.ch.

We’re looking forward to your proposals and the exhibition of the designs and models. An invitation will follow.

Have fun, and Happy Easter from the Kunsthalle Zürich team.

All images above show exhibitions in the third floor gallery of Kunsthalle Zürich: John Russell, Doggo, 2017; Andro Wekua, All is Fair in Dreams and War, 2018; Ida Ekblad, FRA ÅRE TIL OVN, 2019; The Playground Project, 2016.