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Tbilisi 16: Day 1 - Akademie - Kunsthalle Zürich

Tbilisi 16: Day 1

On a windy evening, in the hilly countryside at the outskirts of Tbilisi, a group of locals, foreigners, artists, curators, kids, parents, taxi drivers and gas station owners gathered to celebrate the first evening of our Tbilisi 16. It felt like the beginning and the end at the same time: An ecxited festival mood was in the air as more and more visitors found their way to the site in Shindisi, while some of the artists could finally rest after working for days.

The summary of yesterday's program:

In order of appearance:

Leila Peacock (Zurich), The Fourth Wall in a Fugue State, 2016 (English and Georgian, with Tobias Spichtig and Levan Chogoshvili)

Ei Arakawa (New York), Deda Bodzi (Mother Vertical). Love Sex SOS! starring Ketuta Alexi-Mekhsvili, Ei Arakawa & Gela Pathashuri, Marina Gambaroff, Karl Holmqvist, Lisa Jo, Paata Sabelashvili, Part 1

Georgia Sagri (Athens/New York), Long Live The Lions Wolves, 2014, performance (audio, 30 min)

Traveling Art Books (Tbilisi):

Levan Asabashvili (Urban Reactor, Tbilisi) and Launch of Danarti no. 4: Tbilisi (on Soviet architecture in Tbilisi). Edited by Ana Chorgolashvili (Tbilisi):

And more: