Porpentine Charity Heartscape: Multi-Species Girl Ricecorn Grazing  


Self-described dead swamp milf Porpentine Charity Heartscape is a writer, artist and game designer. They are best known for their award winning 'Twine' stories – hypertext games and interactive fictions in which users create their own characters and goals.​

Porpentine's games include With Those We Love Alive, a queer fable about isolation, abuse and the relationship between art and power; Ultra Business Tycoon III, a sprawling textual world disguised as edutainment software; and Howling Dogs (winner of the XYZZY Interactive Fiction Awards for best story and best writing) which is set in a futuristic holding cell. There, you can eat and drink from nutrient dispensers, take showers to stop your skin itching, look at a photo of 'her', or enter an activity room which takes you through increasingly bizarre scenarios before returning you back to your cell. As the game progresses your situation deteriorates. The shower and garbage chute stop working. You’re left to live in your own filth. Even the photograph of beloved 'her' ceases to please.​

The 'sponsored agricultural seminar' Multispecies Girl Ricecorn Grazing was commissioned by UG Programm. It can be read here.

Organised by Matthew Hanson.