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Andreas Dobler

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Notes on ​Invert

invert (v.)

to turn (something) in an opposite direction; reverse the position, order, or sequence of, 1530s, from Middle French ​invertiror​ directly from Latin ​invertere​ “turn upside down, turn about; upset, reverse, transpose, figuratively pervert, corrupt, misrepresent; from ​in​ (in, on) + ​vertere​ (to turn).

invert (n.)

1550s, act of inverting, 1590s, state of being inverted. In old psychology, homosexuality (1895), but in later psychology identification with the opposite sex (1958).(1)


The First Geneva Convention recognized the red cross on a white background as the single distinctive emblem. Since the emblem was to reflect the neutrality of the armed forces, medical services and the protection conferred on them, the emblem adopted was formed by reversing the colours of the Swiss flag.(2)

The official flag of the Swiss Confederation, as we know it today, dates back to 1840. There is much debate among historians about the choice of red. Certain believe that it symbolized the blood of Christ, while others suggest that the choice was inspired by the colour of the old Bernese flag. In 1848, it was officially adopted as the national flag and enshrined in the Swiss Constitution.(3)

After eliminating legal ramifications as a potential deterrent from appropriate use of the Red Cross symbol, the remaining explanation is simple unawareness about the formal distinction from the Swiss national flag. Until formal clarification, we will continue to encounter emergency departments masked as Swiss embassy satellite offices, and ski patrollers disguised as Swiss citizens in the Rocky Mountains.(4)

The impact of a dollar upon the heart

Smiles warm red light

Sweeping from the hearth rosily upon the white table

With the hanging cool velvet shadows

Moving softly upon the door (5)

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Sommer des Zögerns: Andreas Dobler & Mitchell Anderson