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This Week in Zürich #44 - Akademie - Kunsthalle Zürich

This Week in Zürich #44

If not outer than off space and out and about, we feel, stimulated by the solar blessings This Week in Zürich; suggesting you this summer’s best apartment view, views on behaviourism, and some live affective behaviour.

Last chance to see!

Astrid Lorange and Robert Ashley – the buttocks of a steel mill
Hohlstrasse 541, 8048 Zürich
By appointment through July 1: Matthew Hanson & Ludovica Parenti, ludovica.parenti@zhdk.ch +41 78 7818884

Apartment shows are a peculiar thing – love them or hate them for their intimacy, hospitality, transience. This one, organized by avid curatorial duo Matthew Hanson and Ludovica Parenti, doubles up with coupling stunning work by two too few presented personas: Sydney-based writer Astrid Lorange’s alluring homage to Gertrude Stein, the poem Pussy Pussy Pussy What What (2010), seductively sequenced by thoughtful display, together with American experimental composer Robert Ashley’s (1930-2014) Perfect Lives, the second in a trilogy of television-operas that was commissioned by the Kitchen in 1980 and broadcast by the BBC in 1984. Don’t miss this array of airy overlaps between two structurally complex compositions, a glass of Ruinart in hand, on the lovely host's luscious Cleopatra daybed.

Georgia Sagri ­– Documentary of Behavioural Currencies
Flüelastrasse 54 8047 Zurich
By appointment through July 15, approximately: info@up-state.ch

Hosted here, at Löwenbräu-Kunstareal, as well as at the satellite venue Bank Julius Bär, you might or might not have seen Greek artist Georgia Sagri’s project for Manifesta 11 yet. When you do (as you should), make sure to get the bigger picture, cunningly titled Documentary of Behavioural Currencies, and purposefully presented at the other end of the institutional spectrum, at the Altstetten squat art space UP STATE. An installation of contextual material to her recent work in Zurich this tangential showcase sheds light on several sustentative scenes behind and beyond the biennial.

Cabaret der Künstler – Zunfthaus Voltaire
Spiegelgasse 1, 8001 Zurich
Through September 18

More offbeat experience to Manifesta 11 can be had at Zunfthaus Voltaire, formerly known as Cabaret, now cabaret on its own, choreographed by Basel-Berlin performance prototype Manuel Scheiwiller; this Friday and Saturday with a promising roster of contributions that go by suggestive titles such as T(w)o face or not to face, Hush Now Ha Part Two, A Cake of Soap, or And also (don’t tell anyone) love is a crime ­– stir your own soup of story one zany night in Niederdorf.

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This Week in Zürich

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