Moxarra Gonzales & Adina Glickstein
DYOR: Crypto Glossary

Whether you’re an OG or a newcomer, crypto-pilled – on board – or an adamant no-coiner, you’ve probably noticed that the crypto art world has a lexicon all its own. Let this guide clarify some of the jargon. Inspired by collectible Garbage Pail Kids trading cards – arguably one of the historical antecedents of NFTs – it offers a quick run-down of all the terms you’ll need in order to Do Your Own Research with confidence. Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt no more.

The DYOR: Crypto Glossary consists of 20 words that will be published in an open edition on Nifty Gateway. For 24 hours, collectors can buy as many cards as they want, and only after that the content of each card will be revealed. Driven by the desire to complete one’s collection or get hold of the favorite card, a secondary market will be created for buying, selling and trading. And those who collect the entire set will be rewarded with a special card.

The glossary was realized as part of the exhibition DYOR at Kunsthalle Zürich.

Illustrations by Moxarra Gonzales – a contETHporary artist from México.

Text by Adina Glickstein, writer, editor, and technology researcher. Editor at Large for  Spike Art Magazine, driving projects that emphasize emerging technology within the arts context.

A collaboration with Spike Art Magazine

Drop date: 30 November, 00:30 CET – 1 December, 0:30 CET

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