Andreas Gysin (alias ertdfgcvb)

LCD 1 is hardware and software as entity. It runs a generative program to create animated text (ASCII/ANSI) compositions, shown on a monochrome display with a strong object character.

LCD 1, 2022
Custom software and hardware, LCD, rechargeable battery
71 x 71 x 13 mm
Edition: 40 (including NFT)

Andreas Gysin (aka ertdfgcvb) is a designer and artist based in Lugano, Switzerland.  Research, experimentation, analysis and discovery are fundamental to his creative process for both artistic and commercial projects. He often works as a duo with Sidi Vanetti. Gysin also created the logo for the exhibition DYOR.

LCD 1 is the first work in the Kunsthalle Zürich NFT edition programme curated by Nina Roehrs.

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