The Bank. Fax-Bak Service

Tenzing Barshee, Gallien Déjean and Dan Solbach (eds.), introduction by Tenzing Barshee, text by Gallien Déjean (engl.), 328 pages with 312 color and 2 b/w, Lenz Press, Milan; Treize, Paris; Galerie Neu, Berlin and Kunsthalle Zürich, 2021. ISBN 978-88-945353-5-8

Between 1998 and 1999, the London-based art collective BANK operated The BANK Fax-Bak Service. For the project, the group’s members, Simon Bedwell, John Russell and Milly Thompson proof-read and copy-edited more than 300 press releases published by galleries in London and New York. The procedure was simple: after adding their mocking corrections, the artists faxed the promotional texts back to the respective galleries. The BANK Fax-Bak Service exposes the art market’s (ongoing) sisyphean effort to legitimize itself through boasting, self-important and nonsensical language. Published in collaboration with Treize (Paris), this volume is a comprehensive record of BANK’s notorious project from the late 1990s.

The publication was generously supported by CNAP – Centre national des arts plastiques and Fluxus Art Projects.

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