Ramaya Tegegne
This is it, 2016

Poster/fanzine, stencil print, envelope

The image and text motifs of this work are derived from various books, films, and other media that Ramaya Tegegne is currently engaging with. Hence, This is it figures as a certain imprint of questions and references of Tegegne's own artistic milieu. You may recognize the cover of the poetry book Love and Politics by the actress Judith Malina of Living Theatre (the oldest American experimental theater troupe), or film stills from Lizzie Borden's feminist science-fiction movie Born in Flames (1983), or snippets from Silvia Federici’s publication Caliban and the Witch (2004) about the history of female exploitation, or maybe even certain imagery of self-help-literature related to the female body including self-defense and contraception for example – or you don’t; but still recognize the relationship of love, politics, conviviality, struggle, health, self-determination and everything in between, that the many iconic details of this hand-made and hand-copied paper art work address. It merges a pamphlet’s functional densification of content with a fanzine’s modest obsession; and consequentially puts a stamp on the envelope of this letter too.

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