Kaspar Müller

Kadist – Kunsthalle Zürich Production Award


With forever alone and around the world (2013) Kunsthalle Zürich presents the video work produced within the first Kadist – Kunsthalle Zürich Production Award by Swiss artist Kaspar Müller (born in 1983 in Schaffhausen, lives and works in Zurich and Berlin).

The first Kadist – Kunsthalle Zürich Production Award enabled the production of Kaspar Müller’s video forever alone and around the world (2013). The video is part of his ongoing project devoted to historical urban centers, in particular the old town of the cities of Colmar and Strasbourg. Müller is working on a series of visual studio recordings based on his previous exhibitions as a partly real, partly fictional summary of the project.

The first chapter Colmar & Strasbourg (Blue-Ray, 42 min) was presented during the Manor Kunstpreis solo exhibition at the Museum zu Allerheiligen in Schaffhausen in 2010. In the video a young man with a big hat visits the two cities in the French Alsace, which are hard to distinguish in the film. In a passiv-aggressiv state of mind he strolls around the historic sites and follows the flow of visitors. He gets on a tourist boat, which travels the canals with its staged middle age townships contrasted by the curved glass facades of the newly built European Parliament. In his 2011 exhibition I was in Trinidad and learned a lot at Galerie Francesca Pia, Kaspar Müller conceived a complex installation including a series of film stills from the video. He coloured the stills in blue and presented them along sculptural works, which literally quoted artefacts from aquariums or ruins from deep under the see. The remembrance of the earlier presented video seemed to be restaged in an uncanny travel to Atlantis.

Similarly, the video forever alone and around the world will be presented in several chapters: earlier in 2013, it has been screened as a "dummy version" part of the artist’s exhibition at the Green Gallery in Milwaukee; from September 27 on, the work is exhibited within the Kadist – Kunsthalle Zürich Production Award and it will be further presented during the artist’s compre-hensive solo show at the Kunsthalle Bern (19 October – 1 December 2013).

Kaspar Müller studied fine arts in Basel where he co-initiated Galen, an artist-run space in collaboration with the siblings Flora and Emil Michael Klein in 2009. He recently had solo exhibitions at Galerie Francesca Pia in Zurich and Gasconade in Milan and was part of group exhibitions such as The Log-O-Rithmic (2012) at GAMeC in Bergamo and Corso Multisala (2011) at Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen.

Kadist - Kunsthalle Zürich Production Award

The Kadist – Kunsthalle Zürich Production Award is a collaborative project of the Kadist Art Foundation Paris and the Kunsthalle Zürich. Started in 2012, the award will be attributed annually as a start for three years.

With a contribution of 10’000 Euro, the award intends to promote young contemporary artists in Switzerland, offering them the opportunity to produce a new work or project and supporting its presentation in the following year. To this end, Kunsthalle Zürich organizes, in collaboration with the awarded artist, an exhibition at its own premises, in another institution, or else any other appropriate format of display.

Nominators 2012: Fredi Fischli / Niels Olsen, Studiolo, Zürich, Simon Maurer, Director Helmhaus, Zürich, Beatrix Ruf, Director Kunsthalle Zürich

Jury: Jury members are the nominators and three advisors of the Kadist Art Foundation (Sandra Terdjman, Jeremy Lewison and Jens Hoffmann).

Kunsthalle Zürich is regularly supported by: Stadt Zürich Kultur, Kanton Zürich Fachstelle Kultur, Zürcher Kantonalbank – Partner of Kunsthalle Zürich, LUMA Foundation, Evelyn Lingg, Hulda and Gustav Zumsteg Foundation, Bloomberg L.P., Ringier AG

Kaspar Müller would like to thank Frederic Schwarz (BHS Architekten Zürich).