Art Walk West #3

Th 29.09.
  • Free

You're invited to ART WALK WEST: Art in Zürich West

On the last Thursday of the month: 29 September, 6–8 pm

Art Walk West invites you on a guided walk through a number of art spaces around Limmatstrasse, open exceptionally till 8 pm.

Entrance and the tour are free. You are also welcome to wander around the galleries with your own itinerary.

Our walk begins at 6pm at Galerie Mark Müller, Hafnerstrasse 44, led by Jacqueline Uhlmann, head of communications at Löwenbräukunst. From there we move to Galerie Nicola von Senger and finish at annex14 at Löwenbräukunst.

The exhibitions open until 8pm on the 29 September:

Galerie Mark Müller: «Unsere Love hat Niemand überprüft» Kai Fischer, Benjamin Hönsch, Benjamin Koglin, Elisa Lohmüller, Fabian Widukind Penzkofer, Isabel Stoffel & «Questions I have asked myself» Judy Millar
Nicola von Senger: «Ugly Yelp» Olaf Breuning
annex14: «le saule contemple à l'envers l'image du héron» Noémie Pilo, Géza Perneczky, Sebastian Stumpf, Struan Teague, Finbar Ward
Lullin+Ferrari: «LOVERS MIX» wiedemann/mettler
Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst: « Inevitable Distances» Renée Green
Hauser & Wirth: «RICHARD JACKSON WORKS» & Erna Rosenstein
Barbara Seiler Galerie: «皆が起きるのを待つべきか、私が先に目覚めるべきか。»
(Should I wait for everyone to wake up or should I wake up first?), Tenki Hiramatsu
LUMA Westbau: «Tender Point Ruin» Sophia Al-Maria

NB: Kunsthalle Zürich is closed on the 29 September. You are very welcome to the opening of our new exhibitions DYOR and Julia Scher: Maximum Security Society on 7 October 2022.