Slavs and Tatars: "Lektor" / Juliusz Machulski: Seksmisja (1984)

Th 14.08.
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What is the relationship between totalitarianism and sex? This is the question of this satire science-fiction action movie. Set in an oppressive feminist society of post-nuclear 2044, two time-travelling protagonists strive for male liberation when threatened with sex-change. Partly censored upon release, this film parallels more than its happy ending, more or less obviously.

The screening of Seksmisja in its original Polish language will be accompanied by a special performative live translation to German. The experience of the gap between the source language of the film and the local language of the audience, demonstrates the practice of a “lector” as they appear in Eastern Europe for live single-voice-over-translations in cinematic screenings (while elsewhere for news reports mainly). This skillful translation practise, called Gavrilov technique, served as a main inspiration for Slavs and Tatars new version of the audio work «Lektor» currently presented at the future public library space of Kunsthalle Zurich, until the opening of their solo exhibition on August 29. The work stages the translation gap between a Turkish voice reading excerpts from the medieval epic poem Kutadgu Bilig (Wisdom of Royal Glory), and a voice-over of the German translation.

Slavs and Tatars upcoming exhibition «Mirrors for Princes» will expand the inquiry into the homonymous genre of poetic advice literature (for which the Wisdom of Royal Glory provides an important example) by raising questions of gender and ritualistic practice. As the last screening- performance of the «Lektor», Seksmisja signals a comical as much as cogent moment of transition between the two presentations of Slavs and Tatars.