Interview with Maksim Rayskin, Brotherhood of New Blockheads

Maksim Rayskin is an art critic and curator. In 1993 he graduated in geography in St. Petersburg and completed his postgraduate degree in philosophy in 1996. Rayskin was part of the Brotherhood of New Blockheads and founder of the magazine MACKNMKA. Although the magazine was independent from the artistic practice of the Blockheads, it served, among other things, as a platform for the artist group, which was hardly acknowledged in the existing art magazines of the time. With topics such as consumption, reality or bad art, the editor hoped to start a new, contemporary art discourse in St. Petersburg, which also included the local art scene.

In February 2019, Rebecka Domig of Kunsthalle Zürich talked with Maksim Rayskin about MACKNMKA and the 1990s in Russia. Click here to listen to the interview